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Privacy Policy

Easy-to-read summary

All geodata collected including collected photos, video and sound recordings using Walter Maps are stored on your device (phone/tablet/computer) and are never transferred to anyone else without you initiating it. On your demand and only on your demand your collected geodata can be transferred to your Dropbox or to email recipients of your choice.

App permissions

For Walter Maps to function it requires access to certain features on your device. Here is an explanation of each used feature:

Your location

Walter Maps requires your location for general orientation, and for collection of your geodata. No geodata are transferred from your device without you initiating it.

Network communication

Walter Maps uses internet connection to upload/download your geodata from your dropbox and for sending geodata through email. Your data can also be downloaded from ordinary URLs using network communication.


Walter Maps saves your geodata to your internal device storage or removable sdcard.

System Tools

Walter Maps prevents your phone from sleeping so that the GPS can be constantly receiving data.

Use of Camera and Sound Recording

The camera is used for collection of photos and video recordings. While you are video recording, sound recording is also performed. The use of camera and sound recording can only be initiated by you.  No captured photos, videos and sound recordings are transferred from your device without you initiating it.


The free version of Walter Maps contains an in-app-purchase that enables you to purchase a monthly unlock of all the professional features found in Walter Maps Pro. For Android and iOS, the purchase is an auto-renewal monthly subscription that has to be explicitly ended by the user, in order for the monthly billing to end. For Windows 10, the purchase has to be remade manually by the user every month for the app to maintain Walter Maps Pro functionality.